Live at the Scala Club in Leverkusen 11.9.2023

 Live at the Scala Club in Leverkusen 11.9.2023

Dominic Miller & Band - Leverkusen Jazz Festival - live at the Scala Club - 9 November, 2023

Set List


  1. When I Close My Eyes(Second Nature)
  2. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets (Fourth Wall/Bonus)
  3. Valium (Silent Light)
  4. Moroccan Roll (Ad Hoc)
  5. Baden (Silent Light)
  6. Eclipse (First Touch)
  7. A Day in Life (Beatles Cover)
  8. Saint Agnes And The Burning Train (The Soul Cages)
  9. Etude(Absinthe)
  10. 2nd.SET
  11. Exiting Purgatory (Ad Hoc)
  12. Scirocco(Ad Hoc)
  13. Rush Hour-Mustard Seed (First Touch-5th House/Bonus)
  14. Shape of My Heart (Shapes) with Pablo Miller
  15. La Boca (First Touch)with Pablo Miller
  16. Truco (Second Nature)
  17. Encore
    Fragile (Sting) with Pablo Miller